Conference interpreter & translator

Are you organizing an event with foreign participants and would like to hire an interpreter? That would be a smart decision! The aims of your event are communication and understanding. If all participants are able to speak their mother tongue and everyone understands what is being said, communication is efficient and sustainable. Creating real added value for you! Leave the interpreting to an expert. I am happy to support you in achieving your communication aims. Helping to make your event a resounding success.

Get in touch! I would be happy to advise, set up a team of interpreters according to your requirements (languages, specialist area), and organize interpreting equipment (interpreting booth, tour guide system) if required. My customers receive everything from one single source — reliable and uncomplicated.

I mainly work in the Stuttgart area of southern Germany (my official professional base), but am also happy to interpret at your events throughout the whole of Germany or abroad.

  • Interpreting settings:
  • Specialist conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Interviews
  • Press conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Festivities
  • Training courses
  • Factory tours
  • Etc.
  • Forms of interpreting:
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting
Find out more about my specialist areas here.
What information do I need to organize the interpreting services for your event? Please see the FAQs for details.
Flexible, straightforward, spontaneous, amazingly self-organized! (Direct customer, event agency)
German voice sample:
English voice sample:

Would you like to make your texts accessible to a German audience? Do you want your company's quality and professionalism be conveyed in the translation as much as in the original?

Hire the services of a professional translator! Get in touch!

I will review your text and send you a non-binding quote.

Text types:
  • Specialist articles
  • Press texts
  • Website content
  • Marketing copy
  • Presentations
  • User guides
  • Instruction manuals
  • Etc.

What information do I need to rapidly process your query? Please see the FAQs for details.

In our several years of collaboration, we have come to know Ms Pitz as a highly reliable and friendly translator, who quickly familiarizes herself with new and also specific technical subjects in the field of automotive technology and can be assigned flexibly. Her translations into both German and English are of an excellent quality, and we look forward to a continued trusting collaboration. (Direct customer, automotive supplier)

Interpreters usually work in pairs. (Find out why in the FAQs.) Translation projects are sometimes too large to be handled by one single translator, too. In the years I have been working as a conference interpreter and translator, I have therefore built up a network of experienced and qualified colleagues, who I trust completely and who help me deliver the reliable high-quality services for which my company stands. Allowing you to obtain all services from one single source and reduce your workload to a minimum.

My network consists of conference interpreters and translators, who offer services not only in my working languages (German and English) but also in other languages, in addition to native speakers, who I team up with for translations into English if requested by my customers.

My colleagues work with me and for me on a regular basis. Thanks to this efficient collaboration, I have successfully completed many large projects for my customers. We look forward to receiving your query!

A big compliment to you for the coordination! You were always entirely relaxed, and never let us feel the stress placed on you by the customer. (Fellow translator)
Thanks again for the great organization! I really enjoyed working with you! (Fellow interpreter)